Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Warning Ducks crossing….

Where else would you see a slow for duck’s sign? 
Marysville that’s where.
The Tf’s were back in Marysville and it felt great!

Needed a lunch and to see what Christine and Ashraf were up too.
The sad news was they closed the Pattisserie but we rejoice…
The Duck Inn - Marysville Pub is the latest place to be seen.



Seating up to 70 inside and out the light and airy beautifully Virgo appointed (in house joke) surroundings lend itself to lunch, dinner or even afternoon tea.
Local art adorns the walls by muchfoolishness.com and there is that wonderful calming blue and timber styling throughout, even an open chef’s kitchen servery and a woodfire heater for those cold nights.

A variety of tables greeted us, sit by lovely windows to gaze out to the grassed areas, or a bar style high table near the bar area or small to large group sessions are happily catered for. 

The large table from the Pattisserie is there in all its glory…
Bringing back beautiful memories of seasons past BF (before fires).

A spot in the front rounded area is ready for the new pool table…next to the juke box (don’t let Ashraf pick the songs)

Ashraf says “over winter will bring mulled wine, extra seating inside and out.”

That we are sure will please the loyal band of followers that have come from the Pattisserie days and still frequent the new Inn now…

In fact, whilst we are sitting and looking over the menu, a group of ladies next to us introduce themselves and explain they come from Canberra each year to Marysville and always lunch with Christine and Ashraf.

We ask them why they come to the Duck Inn; “wonderful food, great venue and the service, they always make us feel special.”

We order a local cider and continue to immerse ourselves in to the culture of the Duck Inn. 

People wandering in and out, the Inn is slowly filling up with the lunch trade, regulars, locals and not so regulars drop in.. a car group pull up for a beer…

All patrons are greeted equally, with a warm welcome like you are part of the family, once a patron always recognised as one..

We notice Christine’s famous cakes up on the today's café board…..of course on a duck chalk board…get the theme?


Below the sign, two chefs, overseas trained, are happily enjoying the galley style kitchen and the interaction of Ashraf and Christine with steady orders and regular banter from visitors as they walk past to be seated.

The ladies group beside us remind us of the wonderful quiches and the cake counter from the Pattisserie, we all nod in silent agreement.

Ashraf sides up and asks for our order….we laugh about the famous Ashraf pies, a firm favourite for the last 16 years… we mentally reserve that pie menu option for a future visit over winter… along with the Roasted Pork Belly With Cauliflower Puree, Toasted Walnuts, Herb Oil, Seasonal Vegetables and Apple Relish if it’s on the menu then….

We order the Lemongrass Chicken Burger with Charcoal Brioche Bun, Coriander Salsa, Fried Egg, Sweet chili Mayo and Iceberg Lettuce and the Grilled Minute Steak Sandwich with Caramelized Onions, served with Lettuce, and Seasoned Chips.

Can’t wait…


We enquire about the crowd favourite at night the Duck grazing platter and how Ashraf and Christine work on the menus. The menus are Lunch, dinner, dessert and a wine/ bar list of course.

They change every few weeks to enable no one to get bored, “it keeps us invigorated and excited”  and using only the best fresh ingredients.

Meals are under $35 per person and the desserts under $16 but it’s not ordinary pub grub… its boutique Inn style.

Ashraf and Christine Doos style.


 After Ashraf moves away to ask the chefs to prepare our order the ladies comment that “with their (Ashraf’s and Christine’s) experienced touch the meals are wonderful for reasonable prices – made with love and care”

We peruse the menus… The Duck Inn Grazing Board offers up its promise…. “A Selection of Chicken Liver Parfait, Homemade Duck and Pork Spring Rolls, Harissa Flower Squid, Smoked Duck, Poached Egg, Grilled Sour Dough and Pickled Cucumbers”


Oh god miss molly we will be back for that for sure…

Sipping on our local cider cool and crisp we ponder the outside, green and very pretty…the huge windows allow you to see the village and its beauty…

Back to the duck cake board…..

Lemon Cheesecake with Berry Compote, Belgium Chocolate Truffle torte….
mmmm this will make it difficult…

It seems within minutes or ordering our meals have arrived, hot with fresh top up of our water and a final check that all is order Christine leaves us to devour lunch….

We laugh at the size of the chips, they are enormous, hot and crispy…

While we enjoy the flavours of lunch, the car club members are enjoying a chat over the bar with Ashraf – who it seems loves being behind the bar…

The ladies beside us get their meals and there are lots of ohhs and ahhs…obviously worth the drive form Canberra.
One is enjoying the Slow Roasted Lamb on a Salad with Mixed Greens, Sun-Dried Tomatoes, Kalamata Olives, Persian Feta, Dukka and Tatziki, she gently teases her group member that they will be jealous…

After a few moments of savouring their lunch…They enquire happily if we are staying in Marysville, we say sorry no but we are locals, they all murmur in mock shock that we (us)  live so close and yet it’s taken some months to get here after opening.

Tsk Tsk says the loudest of the group…

Our meals were beautiful presented and tasted wonderful, needing a nap now but was playfully told off by the Canberra ladies…We, the Tf’s feel ashamed and hope by once again looking at the cakes by Christine we will redeem ourselves...

Tables quickly cleared and we can again focus on the duck board.


The lemon cheesecake and Belgium chocolate torte finally makes us weaken….

They arrive smartly to our table and we enquire about the Marysville Fudge brand that they worked on in the Pattisserie. Ashraf explains that is now in the care of Chocolate in Marysville. 
We nod, making sure on our way out we will drop in, if we can get past the beautiful retailers on the way.

We ponder the local content on the evening menu and find two dishes “Buxton Smoked Trout Linguini with Creamy Napoli Sauce, Spinach and Lemon Zest” and a cheeky Yarra Glen Porterhouse Steak with Seasonal Vegetables, Garlic Pomme Puree and Roasted Shallots with a choice (good luck choosing we murmur to each other…) Truffle Mushroom Sauce, Peppercorn Sauce or Spiced Garlic Butter…


So, slowdown in Marysville for the Duck crossing, park and wander in…

You won’t be disappointed.

Ashraf and Christine Doos
Phone 5963 3437
Facebook. @theduckinnmarysvillepub

Instagram. Theduckinn_marysvillepub

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